I am a puppy flipper...

Dont feel bad aboutwhat your

Dont feel bad aboutwhat your doing look at it like this... your doing a good thing for your son and not for nothing your also finding animals a good home because when animals are free they will not think twice about getting rid of them or throwing them away but when they pay for them they will think twice before they let the commitment go. DONT FEEL BAD YOUR NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG.!!!

people that buy cars sell them to ppl with so much wrong n they brake down and all this other stuff dont feel bad.

I'm really going to try to be

I'm really going to try to be nice about this.

Imagine a being more powerful than you coming along, taking your infant and selling it to gawd knows who with gawd knows what outcome.

And honestly, if you think that anonymously posting a "confession" exonerates the nastiness of your deed, you would be incorrect. You live by and will be judged by your deeds. By a Being much more powerful than you. One day you WILL answer.

You and others like you disgust me. You need to STOP and repost anyone else you know who is doing this. Knowing that you are a dog foster simply scares the hell out of me. I hope your are found out and punished appropriately.




Well i might not feel the

Well i might not feel the same way as you recently i aquired the nice french mastiff puppy and i love to have puppies but then i disburse them to some of my relatives or my friends without even charging a penny ..i do the same thing what you ..the only difference i do it for passion ..you do it for neccessity.

Sickening! For every dog you

Sickening! For every dog you bring into the world, another dies in a shelter. You are part of the problem! YOU are adding to the pet population. Disgusting.

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